Working within creativity

Many jobs require a creative approach associated with every professional activity. It´s a necessity to keep creating beyond simple repetitive work that requires a permanently oriented approach to produce in a fresh, different and innovative way. To move forward, it is not enough just to hire professionals who are able to bring out these ideas with their own abilities, more and more companies believe this is a collective challenge and ro do so, they implement group activities, ongoing education, sharing time and experiences with other departments of the company… and also enhance the creative process creating working environments that convey creativity.

Because spaces in which creativity blossom are truly important, today on Inalcotrends we review some of the trends many companies are using to provide a creative work environment for their employees. Architects, advertising agencies, design studios, even banks or service corporations, they all increasingly consider that it is highly positive for their own interests to provide ambients to their workers that foster their creativity.

Some of these emerging trends are especially inspiring:

  • Natural environments. The Selgascano Architecture Studio is very well-known among many other things by its slightly underground office that looks like it´s getting out of the earth itself, with working tables that look directly at the forest from the ground.
  • Nature within the office. Beyond decorative plants, bringing nature in its pure state within workspaces provides fresh and calm feelings, helping to improve the working environment.
  • Creative furniture. The furniture itself also serves a creative purpose when conceived as collaborative open and diaphanous spaces that generate a more proactive working environment. Endless bookstores, using ceilings as useful elements, stairs that also serve as resting areas … there are many ideas that are implemented to provide a distinctive environment.
  • Rehabilitation of industrial sites or old buildings. The workshop of Ricardo Bofill Architects is the purest definition of rehabilitation of industrial spaces, a former cement factory turned into the Firm´s headquarters. Old museums or libraries, abandoned factories or crumbling buildings become, once restored, special environments where understanding the synergies between past and future in a creative way.

Because creation comes from within, but if it is also supported from outside the results can be surprising and outstanding. This trend believes that creativity is influenced by many factors and it is our responsability to help it continue down the path of innovation.

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