Whiter than marble

Inalco has surpassed the last barrier for ceramic decoration with the development of innovative Blanco Plus+ colour, a new ultrawhite porcelain that provides a revolutionary chromatic purity, even beyond Nature´s existing colours.

This colour creates a super white background for exclusive marble-effect patterns that bring its beauty and aesthetics to new proposals that can be used not only in classical spaces but in projects that require a modern sensibility.

Marble is one of Nature´s most used materials in architecture. From ancient times it has been employed associated with luxury because of its magnificence. Over the years, this material has become synonymous of classic aesthetic.

Iconic buildings like the Taj Mahal, regarded as one of the Wonders of the World, laid white marble in its façade, providing an otherworldly brilliance to this impressive mausoleum, as if heaven had come down to Earth.

Ceramics, a more modern material with higher technical performance, has outgrown its old limits with technological progress and innovation. The revolutionary Blanco Plus+ colour is the latest outstanding milestone of this continuous evolution.

Creating projects with the best aesthetic inspired by nature that convey its charm with the most current design, is now possible using the new porcelain collections by leading manufacturer Inalco. In the last Cersaie 2014 Trade Fair two new exclusive marble-effect porcelain collections were presented, made with distinctive Blanco Plus+ Colour:

The Touché series, with its two colours and speculate polished finishing in large 100x100cm format, is manufactured with meticulous care and attenttion to develop a marble-like porcelain tiles that stand out for their elegance and depth. Spaces are now more spacious and bright, bringing a new meaning to concepts such as distinction and exclusivity.

Altair Patchwork Series is a revamped proposal for a marble-effect design. The patchwork technique is one of the most used trend in modern decoration, and has been used to groundbreaking effect with a classical tile model, combining different fragments in elegant style to create a unique original new tile product, which brings harmony and differentiation to any space.

We show you a exclusive premiere of these new collections: