VitraHaus, home of inspiration

In Vitra they explain that each setting is a personal collage that is always changing with the evolution of tastes, experiences and circumstances of their owners. And on that basis VitraHaus was built, a exhibiting space that is continuously renewing its spaces and exhibitions. Located in the German town of Weil am Rhein, it´s where the Swiss brand shows in all its splendor its furniture and decorative accessories.

A unique, creative, inspiring space… where to soak up with the way this furniture design company with over half a century of history looks at the world. Because today, that same company founded by Will Fehlbaum in 1950 that acquired the rights to designs by Charles or Ray Eames and George Nelson, among others, continues to reinvent the future of industrial design at every step.

Designed by Herzog & de Meuron, VitraHaus is the flagship store of Vitra and where you can enjoy the Vitra Home Collection in its absolute extension. Different ambients integrate in their spaces from the most classic designs of the Swiss brand to the most modern and contemporary, making the walk through their interiors an inspirational experience for the visitors, providing them inspiration for their own homes.

This space is a source of creativity even from its exterior appearance, which represents different geometric rectangles that pile up on top of each other, in order to make room for various spaces full of functionality and different themes. Through a showroom of four floors that can be visited any day of the week, visitors also enjoy a store for small objects and a coffee shop where to rest ideas. Undoubtedly, an unforgettable scenario for lovers of interior design in which to enjoy the Vitra universe to the fullest.

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