Virtual Visit to Cersaie 2016 Stand

Cersaie 2016 Trade Fair was held from September 26th to 30th. It´s the main event for the ceramic tile industry worldwide, and the novelties presented inmediately become trend-setters for the architecture, design and decoration sectors. Inalco always tries to surprise and amaze the attending professionals with its stylish presentations, and this year was no exception. With a open concept of stand, three main ambients were designed, a living-room, a dining-room a barbacue terrace.

The iTOPKer solutions range for countertops with an extra-large format 1500x3200mm had an outstanding presence in every space, showing the versatility and style of the newest surfaces. In addition, the extra-large formats 150×300 cm and 150×150 cm were the perfect sizes for decorating these spaces. The Slimmker slim porcelain tile collections shows an unlimited potential for decoration, and we showed once again they are the perfect material for bringing to life the dreams and ideas of the professionals for their projects.

In case you missed Cersaie, today we invite you to walk with us through our stand and meet our newest collections for countertops and the new Slimmker slim porcelain tile collections for walls & floors. Enjoy!


General view of our Stand.

Inalco in Cersaie 2016

Inalco = Creativity + Innovation + Passion.

Inalco - Creativity + Innovation + Passion

Main ambient with New Iseo Series in a 150×150 cm and Arizona 30×300 cm on floor and 150×300 cm in the wall. The tabletops were made of Touché iTOPKer and Storm iTOPKer collections.

Main ambient with Iseo and Arizona Series

Living-room with Touché iTOPKer and Storm iTOPKer tabletops

Inalco in Cersaie - Main Living-room ambient

Lateral wall with Geo Series with a 150×300 cm format

Cersaie 2016 - Iseo on Floor and Gel 150x300 cm in wall

Cersaie 2016, Geo and Iseo Series from a different point of view

Rear ambient with a extra-large table decorated with all the new iTOPKer surfaces. New Fluorite Series in a 100×100 cm on the floor.

Rear ambient with Fluorite Series 100x100cm on floor and extra-large iTOPKer table

Cersaie 2016 - Opposite view of this ambient

Detail of the long table and all the new textures of the iTOPKer solutions range.

Itopker Solutions range for countertops

Fluorite Series in a  100x100cm format on floor.

New Fluorite Series in a 100x100 cm format

Barbacue and terrace wall made of Storm iTOPKer series and new Storm 150×150 cm Slimmker slim porcelain tile.

Barbacue made with Storm and Storm iTOPKer series

Close-up detail of barbecue with Storm iTOPKer

Technical area, in which professionals could find all the new collections in a stylish way.

Entrance to Technical Area

Cersaie 2016 - Technical Area wall

Cersaie 2016 - Technical Area

Thanks for coming!

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