Ventilated Façade with Foster Series: Technical Design for home.

Merge aesthetics, functionality and wellness at home is the main struggle in today’s architectural projects.

This week we highlight a single house in Puzol (Valencia – Spain), designed by Valencian Architects Francisco Rozas Fuster and Julio Soria González where a Ventilated Façade System has been used as exterior coating with Foster Series.

The house has two floors and a ground distribution in L, modern, clear and bright, with a car parking located in basement.

A glass façade stands on the set, breaking classical linearity.

In addition, the pool terrace space has all the privacy and spaciousness required.

Ventilated façades allow the installation of large format porcelain tiles with full guarantee, getting the aesthetics, modulation, strength and unchangeable designs that porcelain products provide.

Added to this, there are many other advantages that a ventilated façade provides to any building. To name just a few: acoustic and thermal insulation, energy savings, elimination of thermal bridges, greater protection from the elements, minor dilations of the building and more interior space.

The Ventilated Façade was designed and installed by WANDEGAR 2001 Engineering in Alcora (Castellón – Spain), using its Cat-5 Hidden Fastening System, a secure attachment without sacrificing aesthetics, much greater than  traditional exposed staple systems.

This project was tailor-made designed, with special attention to small details and perfectly covering all multiples planes of the façade.

Cream and Grey colours of Foster collection were used in the façade in its smooth finishing, with its characteristic neutral cement texture and soft and velvety touch.
The play of colours separates different areas and breaks the monotony that placing one single color may produce.

Placing large rectangular porcelain format such as 60×120 cm increases the visual amplitude of the façade.

The rear façade is coated with traditional glued ceramic placement system for Foster Grey of Inalco allowing visual continuity of the project.



Location: Puzol (Valencia, Spain)

Architects: Francisco Rozas Fuster and Julio Soria González (Valencia)

Ventilated Façade Engineering: Wandegar 2001 SL

Ceramic materials:

Porcelain Tiles: Foster Crema and Gris