Venice and the universal discourse of architecture

Few exhibitions around the World reflect the evolution of worldwide architecture as the event that every two years attracts thousands of international architects and interior designers to Venice. The 14th Architecture Biennale is a journey through the essential movements of a large number of countries, which will be held until  next September. It turns the streets of this Italian city into a scenary that combines the fundamentals of contemporary architecture within a presentation that also features art, film, dance, music and theater.

The Architecture Biennale is a section of the Venice Biennale, established in 1980 with the mission to showcase and develop proposals and also to provide a tool for innovative practices in a national and international urban context. An exhibition without actual buildings, but with installations or “performances” of architects, both enshrined and novel. And that is precisely one of the main issues of this edition, curated by Rem Koolhaas, as it is not centered in the personality of anyone in particular but is dedicated to show in each pavilion the global movements.

How the last century of modernity (1914-2014) has been assimilated and processed is the theme that the Curator raised under the slogan “absorbing modernity”.  Each participating country has made several performances inside selected buildings and also in the streets of the city of canals.

A unique opportunity to meet in one city the ultimate architectural ideas from all over the World.