Two years of Inalcotrends, a new midway milestone

Two years ago we started the adventure, a blog where we wanted to collect and share viewpoints and gazes related to innovation, design and trends, both in the ceramic sector and in other conceptual areas. Twenty four months later, we are very pleased with the result and the stamps in our virtual passport. Not surprisingly, during these two years we have cooked, we have traveled, we have built and we have gathered many ideas, the kind that illuminate new bulbs. We also made photos and created images as well as carried out deep researches to write with a greater knowledge. Ultimately, we have shared our points of view and concerns on these matters to encourage you to keep investing in the future as we do.

These two years are just a milestone in the middle of our way, and it will soon be an anecdote if we continue sharing this space with you in the future. In hindsight we believe that innovation and creativity can truly inspire us. And no matter where it comes from, they can always be applied to different sectors in a satisfying way. Because in exhibitions such as Cevisama and Cersaie, and in travels to Venice and Bologna, ideas flow and are enriched. There have also been lessons and recipes of Culinary Art coming from Ferran Adrià. Or even some of our new collections seen through the prism of creativity. Or tours to amazing projects from our “Awesome Fridays” section. Or architecture and art in black & white, even with the rhythm of Brazilian samba.

After two years of articles and pure learning, we hope to have been helpful and interesting to you. Thanks for reading us, for encouraging us to continue working on innovation, and to push us to share and create. The ideas, after all, are of little use unless accompanied with these two essential actions: first carry them out and then share them. That´s what motivates, and what will take us toward tomorrow. Want to join us?