The outstanding trends in Salone del Mobile and Fuorisalone 2016

Once again the city of Milano has hosted a fair and several events that mark an after and before for the worlds of industrial design and interior design: The Salone del Mobile Trade Fair and the Fuorisalone event in the city center. Inalco participated with its own space in the Brera District, in which we presented our latest innovations and ceramic applications applied for decorating spaces, and took the opportunity to take note of everything that happened in the Lombard capital during those days.

The Rho Fairground was full of samples, presentations, product launches and not-to-be-missed facilities, which let us enjoy the very latest trends in the furniture, kitchen and bathroom sectors. We perceived a multitude of international initiatives, as about 40% of exhibitors were foreign firms. And thanks to this international presence, we saw a return to naturalness with the use of fine materials such as wood, marble, tile, glass, showing a sustainable philosophy fully respectful with the environment. Lighting was another of the highlighted sector, with volumes and gentle curves as novel axes. Earthy colors and vivid pastels impregnated designs, even with psychedelic compositions, while textiles and tapestries seemed to return to the 60s with their proposals.

Another element that caught our attention was the commitment to traditional techniques, with hand-made designs and decoration. Or the contrast of light and shadow, with black and white pieces highlighted over silver and gold elements. We also saw how Italian design, in a city that continues to reinvent itself, presented its new products in classic scenarios, somehow creating a different kind of show, a return to old concepts with modern products.

Regarding the kitchen spaces, we perceive the growing presence of products made with traditional terracotta and ceramics, such as vases, plates, bowls and stools, as well as experimental kitchens around the four elements associated with the creation, as a living metaphor of Air , Fire, Earth and Water around the kitchen.

A fair that also left us a deeper look towards technology. The interactive experience with new technologies applied to products and decorative elements and the new 3D-printers for creating new designs and product development sare creating new roads to travel to the future …

And we´ll keep aware of the latest developments, as usual, so we can be inspired by iSalone´s yearly novelties.

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