The most beautiful museums in the world

If there is a space that denotes a city´s modernity, that is undoubtedly its main museum. Turned into symbols that represent the way those cities inspire tourists and residents, their spectacular designs are transformed into artworks to be remembered and enjoyed. Some of them are true international emblems which were born as elements with their own identity that broke the established norms and are defined by a groundbreaking architecture. In Inalcotrends we want to show you 10 of the most impressive museums in the world with truly inspiring designs:

1. BMW Museum (Munich, Germany)

With an exhibition of automobiles, motorcycles and even aircraft engines, this museum features the signature of Atelier Brückner studio, who rehabilitated and expanded the original work of Karl Schwanzer, based on the principle of dynamic architecture.

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2. Louvre (Paris, France)

The building has almost a millennium of history and has undergone several transformations to adapt to the increasing rhythm of the French capital. Its characteristic glass pyramid was built by the American architect I. M. Pei, in 1989. An icon of Paris.

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3. Milwaukee Art Museum (Wisconsin, United States)

Eero Saarinen, David Mahler and Santiago Calatrava are the creative architects of each of the three buildings that make up this huge museum. With over 400,000 visitors annually, it contains works ranging from antiquity to the twentieth century.

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4. Biosphere, Environment Museum (Montreal, Canada)

The symbol of the 1967 Universal Exhibition is today a site dedicated to the observation and education on environment. Its sphere was designed by architect Buckminster Fuller.

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5. Guggenheim Museum (Bilbao, Spain)

Frank Gehry left a historical mark on the Basque capital, with a museum so iconic that it was even awarded with the 1989 Pritzker Prize. Its complex construction required an advanced software used for the aerospace industry.

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6. Louis Vuitton Foundation (Paris, France)

This space houses the French contemporary art creations in a museum with the signature of Frank Gehry that offer some beautiful panoramic views of the French capital from its terrace.

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7. Zentrum Paul Klee Museum (Bern, Switzerland)

Paul Klee finds a heartfelt tribute in this museum that combines nature and architecture. Inspired by three hills, the three buildings create a wave with a blanket of green grass.

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8. Kunsthaus Graz Museum (Graz, Austria)

Its spectacular biological form looks out from the right bank of the River Mur. Austrian art has its space in a museum that thrill to an international attendance, fascinated by its characteristic external architecture.

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9. Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris, France)

Radically different from other museums in the city, and probably in the world, this particular building consists of a hexagonal structure that houses three galleries. Opened in 1977, it houses a music research center, a library and the National Museum of Modern Art.

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10. Oscar Niemeyer Museum (Curitiba, Brazil)

The main building was designed by the Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer in 1967. Later on it added another eye-shaped building, and accommodates up to 12 showrooms of visual arts.

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