The charm of a second chance

Natural products’ undeniable allure grows with the passing of time. Today’s decoration and interior design sector has started to focus on reviving bygone memories, bringing them back to life so that they occupy a unique place in every single corner of the home.

To do this, vintage objects and materials are used: unpainted surfaces, natural wood, untreated cement, worn fabrics, original columns, rusted girders and aged tiled surfaces. If there is something that sets this kind of look apart, it is the charm of showing how natural products are enhanced by the passage of time. It is a modern yet conservative style that takes advantage of fine materials that grow in visual appeal as the years pass.

The transformation that worn surfaces gradually undergo, with their blemishes and imperfections, infuses settings with added beauty. This urban trend has spread to the world’s leading capitals, from New York to Tokyo. Architects and interior designers have adopted this look with skilful natural talent, using building components and decorative features in their projects that make a striking impact, since their handcrafted appearance brings personality to settings.

The end result is a unique look of distinctive character, showing how wonderful it is to give a second chance to things that improve with the years.