Terraces to fall in love with

This week we want to show you several terraces where Inalco´s porcelain tile collections have a starring role. These terraces share one main characteristic, they are a dream come true, and enjoying them must feel like being in heaven.

The amazingly modern design and aesthetic of these projects have been accomplished using Inalco´s large porcelain tiles such as 150x150cm and 100×100 cm, that widen even more the spaces and provide an sculptural feel to these modern houses.

Antal and Magma Series stand out for their exclusive elegance, reproducing the beauty and simplicity of natural stone. Uniting strength, delicacy, stylishness and personality, their  versatility and extensive range of formats and finishes make it aesier to create exclusive spaces with a marked personality.

Porcelain tiles shows once again that it is the best material to be placed in outdoor terraces material, and their non-slip properties are just another value to their already outstanding technical features, ensuring its use with total safety and ease, specially next to swimming-pools.

We don´t want to make you wait any longer for watching these amazing projects. Enjoy!


Project: House in France.

Magma Series.

Moka colour and Natural finish in a 100x100cm format. Gris colour in the outer edge of the terrace.

Distributor: Riviera Carrelages et bain

01_terraces Magma

02_terraces Magma

03_terraces Magma

04_terraces Magma


Project: House in France.

Antal Series, Moka Colour and Natural finish in a 150x150cm format.

Distributor: Riviera carrelages et bains

05_terraces Magma

06_terraces Magma

07_terraces Magma

08_terraces Magma


Project: House in France.

Magma Series, Moka Colour and Bush-hammered finish.

Distributor: Riviera carrelages et bains

09_terraces Magma

10_terraces Magma

11_terraces Magma