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Inalco´s distinctive style in a family home in Barcelona

Once in a while, we discover a house in which several models and textures have been brought together with great taste and sensibility, highlighting the best qualities of each model […]

Magma in Barcelona: Timeless Design

This week we travel to Barcelona to enjoy this house, a clear example of how applying the latest architectonical trends results in a warm and comfortable house in which everyone […]

Ventilated Façade with Foster Series: Technical Design for home.

Merge aesthetics, functionality and wellness at home is the main struggle in today’s architectural projects. This week we highlight a single house in Puzol (Valencia – Spain), designed by Valencian […]

Strength & delicacy. Magma series in modern architecture

The simplification of form and the absence of applied decoration are the the two main characteristics of modern architecture. So understands it the architect Luís Sanmiguel, who carried out this vanguard […]