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Arquitectura con historia I

¿Eres de los que disfrutan las vacaciones a principio de verano, o prefieres hacerlo en septiembre? En cualquier caso, relajarse y poder desconectar es algo muy necesario en nuestras vidas. […]

Cities full of magic

Christmas is coming, a time of the year we in the northern hemisphere associate with cold temperatures yet also warm feelings. The cities are filled with sounds, smells and lights, […]

Design cities

Summer is here and, with it, we start fixating about having a break from things. A trip to the seaside or up into the mountains, a popular destination or a […]

New York, showcase of the latest trends

New York is one of those cities in which authenticity and avant-garde are breathed in every corner. This trend-setting spirit is conveyed to all the events that The Big Apple […]

New York, four hotel ambients in the vertical city

If there is a City that truly deserve capital letters and fascinates us and challenges us, that is definitely New York, a city of enormous proportions both horizontally and vertically, […]

Introducing IAC Architecture

New York, New York… From Manhattan to Staten Island, from Brooklyn to the Bronx, passing by Queens, who has not heard about the city of New York. From the films […]