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Dicen que respiramos 23.000 veces al día. Que masticamos cien veces por minuto. Dicen que el cerebro recuerda el 35 % de lo que huele pero solo el 5 % […]

H2O IPLUS Full Digital. Ecología en alta definifición

Esta semana se celebra la 25ª edición del Día Mundial del Agua. Se trata de una iniciativa de las Naciones Unidas que lleva celebrándose desde 1993 y que pretende concienciar […]

Inalco stands out in Espacio Cocina SICI 2017

We had an amazing week at the Espacio Cocina SICI 2017 Fair held in Valencia (Spain) from February 20th to 24th, showcasing our iTOPKer designs for countertops to Spanish and international […]

LivingKitchen 2017 hosted the latest design for the kitchen world

The year 2017 has started at a frenetic pace, and has brought us two very important events the same week and in the same place. On one hand, last week […]

Virtual Visit to Cersaie 2016 Stand

Cersaie 2016 Trade Fair was held from September 26th to 30th. It´s the main event for the ceramic tile industry worldwide, and the novelties presented inmediately become trend-setters for the […]

Meet the new iTOPKer collections

We in Inalco have always believed that porcelain tiles are the best choice for the most current projects because of their outstanding technical features and more importantly, for their endless designs […]

Inalco in MADE expo Milan 2015

Milan, international referent for the latest fashion and design trends, acted as the perfect host for the MADE expo 2015 Exhibition, one of the most important meeting point with italian […]

Inalco Design Days: Hidden treasures

Inalco Design Days Event was held from May 29th to June 1st in Inalco´s facilities in Alcora, Spain. This exhibition was not just a presentation of new ceramics collections but […]

Ventilated Façade with Foster Series: Technical Design for home.

Merge aesthetics, functionality and wellness at home is the main struggle in today’s architectural projects. This week we highlight a single house in Puzol (Valencia – Spain), designed by Valencian […]

Handcraft: Back to Nature

The value of authentic artisan-made products represents a return to our roots, focusing on the craftsmanship of the natural due to its excellent aesthetic and functional quality. Handcraft is the […]