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Beyond Nature, el futuro es nuestro presente

Bienvenidos a Beyond Nature. Desde su creación hace casi 50 años, Inalco siempre ha pretendido ir más allá. Gracias a la innovación, la creatividad y el empeño en mejorar lo existente, […]

Working within creativity

Many jobs require a creative approach associated with every professional activity. It´s a necessity to keep creating beyond simple repetitive work that requires a permanently oriented approach to produce in […]

The Inalco Design Days 2016 event is coming

The 2016 edition of the Inalco Design Days event is getting closer and closer. We are working hard to make sure everything is ready to welcome professionals from around the […]

Two years of Inalcotrends, a new midway milestone

Two years ago we started the Inalcotrends.com adventure, a blog where we wanted to collect and share viewpoints and gazes related to innovation, design and trends, both in the ceramic […]

Auditing the creative process: ingredients of creativity

How is creativity born? What are the factors that influence the creation of groundbreaking ideas and concepts? To achieve them, a mentality that encourages originality, the urge to go beyond […]

Something new is happening in Berlin

With this striking title, we wanted to create our article about the burgeoning capital of Germany. A city in a state of constant change, a large space in the works. […]

MUNDI, the return to the origins of civilizations.

To Inalco, the main source of inspiration has always been the contemplation of our environment, in search of natural reliefs and textures that stand out against the artificiality of traditional […]

Latest decorative trends showcased in Milan – iSaloni 2013

Every year there is a week in the calendar specially marked by creative professionals around the world. That week is April 8th to 14th, when the latest design and trends […]

Product Design Madrid 2013 – The best products of young designers

We were lucky to attend the presentation of the first edition of Product Design Madrid 2013, the first product design show held in Spain with the participation of both national […]