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Fade Deco enhances the beauty at home

Today we want to show amazing projects made by ECO DESIGN Italy, that has created several spaces full of warmth and personality, uniting the charm of worn-out handcrafted products with neutral tones […]

iTOPKer solutions. Textured designs for porcelain countertops.

ITOPKER. Textured designs for porcelain slab countertops Inalco has penetrated the countertop market in style with iTOPKer Solutions, its 150x300cm porcelain slabs. Thanks to their wide range of textures and […]

Introducing iTOPKer solutions, new extra-large porcelain slabs for countertops.

At Inalco, we continue to develop innovative products that go on to become market leaders. Thanks to our close awareness of the needs of today’s homes and analyses of the […]

Foster, a new way to create warm spaces

Today we bring you an example of how to get modern and vanguard spaces without sacrifying warmth and comfort. Modern interiors are believed to be limited to the use of […]