Strength & delicacy. Magma series in modern architecture

The simplification of form and the absence of applied decoration are the the two main characteristics of modern architecture.

So understands it the architect Luís Sanmiguel, who carried out this vanguard project in Burriana (Castellón, Spain), a great example of functional and practical design combined with the serenity of colours and natural materials.

Brightness is one of the most outstanding features of this house, playing with pure lines, basic colors like sand, black and white and the beauty of the materials.

Magma series -one of the best examples of Inalco´s Stonelike collections- is used on the floors all over the house, playing an essential role in the creation of these unique, highly distinctive atmosphere.

Natural concrete is yet another material selected to create this modern aesthetics, and has been used in specific spaces like the living room wall, stairs or in some areas of the facade.

Magma series unites all the characteristics of the rock that inspired it, with the added advantage of new natural-looking basic colours and textures with make it a highly versatile ceramic collection.

The large format used here, 100×100 cm, provides greater continuity and spaciousness sensation.

This porcelain tiles can be used in living spaces of all kinds to add a long-lasting touch of refined elegance.

Natural materials and soft tones in decoration suit perfect with this stone-effect tiles.

The kitchen is perfectly integrated with the rest of the house as it is an opened area just separated from the living room with a glass wall. Besides, the use of the same porcelain tiles on the floors increases this sensation of continuity in the space.

The bathroom, located in the upper floor, breaks the serene visual line playing with strong contrasts in black and white to give it a modern look to the space.

The main material used here is Kira series, a 50x100cm slimline Slimmker porcelain tile series in a glossy finish. Thanks to the subtle embossed pattern that runs across the whole surface of the tiles, a fascinating metallic glimmering effect can be achieved when light falls on them, infusing settings with luminosity and stylish elegance.

Outside, Magma porcelain tiles are also used to give continuity to the spaces. In these exterior areas, a natural finish has been chosen in order to avoid falls and better resist to adverse weather conditions as it acts as a non-slip surface.

We can see how highly versatile this series is, allowing its use both in interiors and exteriors and perfectly adapting to the requirements of each space.



Location: Burriana (Castellón, Spain)

Architect: Luís Sanmiguel  (Burriana, Spain)

Ceramic materials:

Floor Tiles: Magma Moka 100×100

Bathroom: Kira Blanco y Negro 50×100 SK