Shooting time

The world of photo cameras is a statement of the modern times. While some look to the future through technological innovation, others move slowly, with eyes on a quieter, warmer and more inviting past. Futurism and nostalgia live together in our current society and we in Inalco try to observe both trends, as we believe that the best way forward is to look at the latest technology to create distinct products that convey unique sensations.

Leica versus Olympus or Samsung, Carl Zeiss ´s prism against Sony ´s optics. These are examples of how there are glances for every choice, for those who prefer to embrace evolution and innovation, and also for others who prefer to walk slowly without losing the anchor of a fondly remembered past. Leica is a clear example of how to move forward without losing its history and heritage. Sony or Samsung, however, represent a goodbye to the past and a strong commitment to technology in all processes.

Our own choice for a camera make a clear statement about our preferences and concerns in relation to technology and aesthetic. Photography is a metaphor of our modern society in this age of constant change. Not surprisingly, we try to stop time with each shot, a great power that many would like to possess…