Seen at ARCOmadrid 2013

One more year, the International Contemporary Art Fair ARCOmadrid surprised us with its contents and staging. Foreign participation, the highest in the last years, has been a step forward in international relations and global opening to new markets.

Collectors, curators and art professionals all over the world projected a set of works, paintings, videos and installations under the singular sensitivity and identity of the new selection of emerging artists that today keep on making their way in a sector as complex and risky as the contemporary art.

One of the biggest attractions of the fair came from the guest country: Turkey.

With a selection of ten Turkish galleries we could see the program “Focus in Turkey” showing how the simplicity of visual images describe the world’s growth and Turkish art’s wealth. Displayed items ranged from painting to photography without forgetting sculpture, in a common and realistic language focusing topics as sensitive as religion, politics and sexuality.

They tried to surprise and break away from the stereotypes that the public has of the country and especially wanted to cause a reaction when looking at alternative parts been exposed spreading the overall message of change and transformation that Turks have lived throughout recent years.

In this edition ARCO has contributed to the development of new technology with many programs of actions and relationships to the media:

On the one hand, the launch of ARCO Bloggersan online space where most influential in contemporary art bloggers presented their ideas about how the market is transforming its scenario and the analogyc to digital field display. It was a discussion forum based on social participation in which the diversity of ideas and plurality of participants kept alive the trend analysis of expression in the arts.

In digital developments, it was presented an online market space, ARCO Collect online, a virtual sales platform promoting the sale of art online.

With over 1.000 selected works from many participant galleries and an approximate maximum value of 5.000 euros, the guest had the opportunity to acquire works even with a free advice service for initiating ARCOmadrid’s visitors in choosing and purchasing works .

Within the framework of visual identity and signage, the commissioners have been concerned to provide adequate information to visitors through BiDi codes located in all the galleries. Through this system the public can learn more about the work of the “featured artists” and their paths and reveal emerging talents.

Finally we can’t forget about the social commitment acquired by ARCOmadrid every year with social and cultural initiatives. This project is ARCOkids and has been promoted to help children with chronic illness or poor prognosis. Within an artistic setting designed for the occasion, the youngest visitors had the opportunity to collectively create a work of art created from recycled materials.