Outstanding designs

The end of year is the perfect opportunity to glance towards what we have seen and lived in the past 12 months and review it with perspective. In our case, the industrial design is one of the values to which we pay special attention, and in today’s post we want to share some of the designs that have surprised us most this year. Ten designs that are committed to give a twist to elements that are part of our lives and present new formats with innovative, practical, cheerful and lively designs:


  1. Mr B (David Weeks Studio & e15)

This wooden design in based on the figure of The Yeti which in turn is inspired by ‘Bigfoot’, a wooden table made by German studio e15 two decades ago. A decorative element with multiple combinations.



  1. All White Bike (Solé Bicycles)

This stylish all-white bicycle (except for some specific details) is a great example of Richer Poorer´s design, a manufacturer specialized in bikes. Pure design on wheels.


  1. Meze (99 Classics)

In a world in which headphones are getting bigger and music-players smaller, these headphones provide a perfect harmony of elegant design, with wood and aluminum.


  1. Pup and Kit (various)

Design and pets are a difficult combination. One of the coolest things we´ve seen in 2015 is a trend that creates sofas and armchairs for pets, so they can have their own, comfortable and friendly place to enjoy that are also great to view.


  1. Roxxane Fly (Nimbus)

This portable and compact lamp with LED technology is a perfect element to focus a punctual light to space and time with the lower energy cost and the maximum design.


  1. Candleholders (Tom Dixon)

A new dimension for the small lights of tea candles. Tom Dixon ´s geometric elements convey a unique perspective with a high decorative level to homes.


  1. Iced Coffee Maker (Zoku)

One of those design elements that are also full of practicality: Its stainless steel interior is frozen and help drinks to get its optimun cold level in just five minutes.


  1. Yoko Ono Mended Cups (Illy)

The artist “confesses” in these six cups of coffee, which discover handwritten notes by some of her most critical moments. The latter, however, leave a message of hope: “This cup will never be broken as it will be under your protection”.


  1. Wacom (Bamboo Spark)

This tablet transforms notes and hand-drawn pictures into digital files to work thoroughly. To be used for both smartphones and tablets, it also saves files and applications in the user ´s cloud.


  1. 080 Villa Le Lac Paulownia (Cassina)

These birds, made of wood from the forests of Paulownia, hide their secrets: they also serve as support for credit cards, keys or letters. Artist Jaime Hayon is the creator of these fun household objects.