New York, four hotel ambients in the vertical city

If there is a City that truly deserve capital letters and fascinates us and challenges us, that is definitely New York, a city of enormous proportions both horizontally and vertically, that faces the rest of the world from a privileged position. Today we invite you to take a walk to the heights, but from within, touring some of the most iconic interiors that a casual visitor can find within his reach in the largest city in the United States, with more than 22 million people on its metropolitan area. A unique city with a culturally passionate soul, vibrant, melancholic and cosmopolitan. A paradise for the senses.

New York City is an ideal place where ideas, new perspectives and glances can be both lived and slept. From the beginning to the end. From dawn to dusk. And in those fleeting moments, what better way to do it in one of these four hotels that we invite you to discover with us. In New York many conflicting styles coexist with aesthetics that range from the industrial to the contemporary. From those anchored in the golden age of early American capitalism, to the most underground and alternative style.

Spaces as in the first images that we show you, The Ludlow New York City, that seem frozen in time and almost looks like we are seeing them through an old photographic filter, with traditional furnishings and eternal views. Or at the Gramercy Park Hotel, with its baroque-inspired style, another trend emerging and growing in the New York Capital, mixing vivid and pastel colors. There are also scenarios such as the Crosby Street Hotel, where lighting, perfectly chosen, try to recreate environments and suggest sensations, both in large classic spaces or in hidden nooks. And finally, our fourth ambient highlights the green inner nature, in contrast to the overwhelming cold beauty of skyscrapers, looking perplexed at the distance from the Hotel Americano.

New York is one of those cities that changes you, and we in Inalco take it as a great challenge. A must-see appointment to assess your priorities, a necessary way to keep growing. And after your return home, you can count with a pretty postcard that tells how the experience was, written in the rooms from which ideas come up.