New Stones Collections by Inalco. Technologically natural

Nature has a truly special beauty. The surfaces of the materials are worn out due to the passing of time and the action of the elements, which enhance their qualities and turn them into unique canvas. Stones by Inalco range is inspired by the warmth and naturalness of fine stones and take their values to several Slimmker slim porcelain tile collections, developed in spectacular large formats 150×300 cm and 100×250 cm.

Combining cutting-edge technology with our creatives´skilful craftmanship, simply superlative products are born with a great variety of textures, colors and finishes. These new creations fuse the highest technical features with all the charm and style of all things natural.

The six new Slimmker slim porcelain tile collections that are incorporated to the “Stones by Inalco” range that we want to highlight in today’s article are:



The universe moves and expands. Its stars and galaxies are distributed without apparent order. However, life is born and expands within it. Cosmos reflects the random movement of matter throughout the cosmos. With a subtle relief that stands out with the light, this collection creates pieces developed in the extra-large format 150×300 cm that are completely different from each other, just as can be found in nature. This collection is available in two colours, Crema and Piedra.

Cosmos Crema Natural

Cosmos Piedra Natural

Cosmos Piedra Natural in Cersaie



To the untrained eye, sedimentary rocks are just a succession of elements linked together by weight and pressure. But if we think of everything these stones have seen and lived for ages, each tiny pebble deposited in the rock convey an unparalleled beauty. That is Masai, a Slimmker slim porcelain tile collection with a 150×300 cm format that displays the heterogeneous charm of the small stones trapped within it. Available in three colours, Blanco Plus, Piedra and Plomo.

Masai Piedra Natural

Masai Blanco Plus Natural

Masai Series in Cersaie



The passing of time and the action of the elements cause many effects on the materia. Inspired by the stone shaped by the wind that discover mineral veins across its surface, Minah highlights a design in which gold veins appear randomly, providing a distinctive personality. Available in a single color, Gris, and five different formats, among which stand out the extra-large format 150×300 cm.

Minah Gris Natural

Minah Gris Natural

Minah Series in Cersaie



The sea is another element that wears out the stone, giving it a special beauty. Pacific is inspired by the action of seawater that shapes and rounds the surface of the stone, displaying a subtle shade variation in its veins. This porcelain tile collections with a 150×300 cm format is available in Blanco Plus and Gris colours.

Pacific Gris Natural

Pacific Gris Natural

Minah Series in Cersaie



Limestone ridges are real natural museums due to the variety and heterogeneity of its forms and reliefs. Petra is inspired by these stones to present a porcelain tile surface in large format 100×250 cm that conveys this distinctive beauty. The collection is presented in this stone´s characteristic colour, Crema, and includes a non-slip finish.

Petra Crema Natural

Petra Crema Natural

Petra Series in Cersaie



A major issue in the world of interior design and decoration is being able to create spaces as white as possible, which convey values such as purity, luxury and exclusivity. Touché provides an ultra-white surface, a whiteness hitherto impossible with porcelain tiles, on which to develop a classical marble with a great aesthetic value. Available in high-gloss polished and natural finishings, formats 100×250 cm and 100×100 cm, and two novel colours Ice Blanco-Crema and Ice Blanco-Gris, its beauty and aesthetic evokes gemstones.

Touche Ice Blanco-Crema High-gloss Polished

Touche Ice Blanco-Gris Natural

Touché Series in Cersaie

We hope you have enjoyed these new collections. In the next articles we will continue reviewing all the recently presented novelties.

Stay tuned!