New format 100×250 cm. Dressing walls is now easier and trendier

One of the main concerns for interior designers and decorators is to create wide surfaces as continuous as possible, avoiding undesired joints. Thinking about these needs, Inalco has developed the new format 100×250 cm for wall coatings in the Slimmker slim porcelain tile range.
This format has been specially developed to perfectly fit with the actual measurements of walls at homes and businesses, so renewing spaces is easier and easier. In addition, as almost no debris is generated, waste volume is minimal, and projects more respectful to the environment can be carried out. And if we add the enormous variety of textures and colours available, the result will always be outstanding.
This new format 100 x 250 cm is complemented with the new wooden slats format 30×250 cm for Evoque Series. Today we want to share in this article all the beauty and aesthetic that these spectacular formats can bring to any setting.



The charm of stone takes center stage in the Antal series, a porcelain tiles collection with large formats. The smoothness of its surface comes to any space providing cozy sensations full of emotions, that together with its large formats make it a key element for professionals.

Antal Gris Natural

Antal Crema Natural_3



Evoke Series is inspired by an antique wood, and has been developed with the purpose of rescuing warm and nostalgic moments of the past. Its natural texture conveys a great beauty and softness. The collection has a wide range of colours aged by the sea, the elements and the passage of time.

Evoque Gris Natural

Evoque Gris Natural_2



With its smooth polished finish, Foster embodies the simplicity and elegance of cement, creating a timeless modern collection, conspicuous for its clear-cut lines, neutral colours and velvety suface. Foster creates strong contrasts between classic and modern, bringing an innovative, original touch to settings.

Foster Gris Natural

Foster Piedra Natural_5



Ground is inspired by industrial settings and the robust solidity of large cement pannels. A collections synonymous with the concepts of strenght and architectural resilience. The large format and the soft feel of its surface make it a timeless and versatile model.

Ground Piedra Natural


Ground Piedra Natural_3



Magma emulates basalt rock´s strong personality. Thanks to its fine-grained texture and hardness, it combines strenght and delicacy, personality and style, making it the perfect collection for creating evocative warm settings that exude a sense of harmony.

Magma Gris Natural

Magma Crema Satin Polished_2



Petra is a line of experimentation that fuses different textures and reliefs into a single piece with a large format, inspired by limestones rock formations. A collection synonymous with natural beauty.

Petra Crema Natural

Petra Crema Natural_3



Touché provides an ultra-white surface, hitherto impossible to accomplish in the ceramic world, that provides an unparelleled background for creating an exclusive classical marble-effect pattern. A series that is conspicuous for its beauty and depth, that connects a more traditional taste with a modern aesthetic.

Touche Ice Blanco-Gris Natural

Touche 1.0 Ice Blanco-Gris High-gloss Polished_3


We hope you liked these new collections and extra-large formats.

Stay tuned to upcoming articles!