MUNDI, the return to the origins of civilizations.

To Inalco, the main source of inspiration has always been the contemplation of our environment, in search of natural reliefs and textures that stand out against the artificiality of traditional industrial products.

Nature, with its harsh and rugged forms, is an inexhaustible source of spaces and sensations from which to extract emotions and experiences.

The beauty of the woods, stones, marbles, concrete, cement … have already received our attention and have been faithfully transferred to modern ceramic surfaces, with finishings and textures never before seen in the industrial tile sector.

Any object contains a history and a background that conveys an authenticity and strength that is often not matched by modern products, with a lot of technological features but no soul.

The authenticity of these elements, is both the union of simplicity and spontaneity, and if you know how to collect these features, these will allow you to achieve the creation of something new, something better.

In 2013, as a result of the collaboration of Inalco with the Studio Bunch, led by Architect Sara de la Mata, we present a new milestone in our history with the launch of the Mundi Collections, an exploration of the various cultures of the world, with its iconography and characteristic forms as a way to get a new kind of inspiration, but with the same interlocked roots.

There is a well of knowledge so wide to explore as cultures have populated our world, opening to us a new set of elements, graphics, iconographies and ways to be inspired of, creating a new vision.

The three Mundi Collections presented during the Inalco Design Days event, Henna, Maze and Poise, collect the best of the cultures in which they are based on, and open the way for new collections that will come in the future.



A collection inspired by Asian culture, Poise refers to the traditional values of this civilisation, such as simplicity, order and balance.

Poise has been created as a re-working of the most popular designs and motifs of the Far East, subtly incorporated onto our tiles. The order and harmony of the elements integrated in the spaces as a whole prevails over the individuality of each element.

Straight lines give this collection a style stripped of superfluous elements, but which at the same time is elegant and innovative in its shapes.

The colour shades used for this collection in the new extra-large Slimmker 1500 x 3000 mm and 1500 x 1500 mm formats are Blanco, Piedra, Camel and Marengo.



Maze extends our Mundi collection with a linear design based on a simple grid, inspired by the spread of modern western metropolises, resulting in a product with a cosmopolitan style that can be included in settings with the very highest aesthetic levels.

This collection is a true challenge in visual and technical terms, with an embossed and polished surface in the impressive Slimmker 1000 x 3000 mm format and slim thickness of just 5.7mm.

The repetition of simple patterns results in a dynamic, harmonious effect, balancing the tension between elements and a taste for modern symmetry. Precise shapes that breathe life into spaces.

Maze is available in trendy colours such as Blanco, Piedra, Camel and Marengo.



A collection inspired by aboriginal culture, part of the most primitive artistic expression of mankind, full of symbolism structured in an extraordinary combination of shapes, figures and backgrounds.

Intimately linked with the earth, its naturalist and geometric representations reaffirm its sense of belonging to a society in full contact with the environment. A space for culture in a modern society that seeks to return to the origins of civilisation as a powerful visual backdrop.

Like a natural tattoo on human skin, Henna, with its vast decorative potential, brings a sense of design to any space.

Inalco has reinvented this design to create a collection with character, primitive but warm, in new 1500 x 3000 mm and 1500 x 1500 mm formats.

All these Series complement the decorative possibilities offered by the Foster series, expanding its already wide decorative possibilities.

And these series are just the beginning, the great tapestry of the world is now ours to play with, and design innovative series, but anchored in real cultures and sensibilities, can be created without any limit. Only imagination limits your creativity.