Meet the new ITOP collections for countertops

During the Inalco Design Days 2016 event, Inalco has launched 11 new surfaces that expands the iTOPKer solutions range of 12mm-thick porcelain slabs in a large 1500x3200mm format for countertops.

Passion fuels Inalco was the slogan chosen for this event, which served to demonstrate the strong commitment of the company to offer the widest range of textures and ceramic surfaces applied to the world of countertops. iTOPKer solutions, 12mm-thick porcelain slabs with a extra-large format 1500×3200 mm, has extended its range of colours and finishes, with trendsetting designs that include natural, high-gloss polished and bush-hammered finishes able to meet the needs of all kitchen and bathhroom design projects.

iTOPKer solutions is a response to the needs of today’s homes and an original way of meeting the demand for innovative, eco-friendly, versatile products that contribute to people’s wellbeing. Mainly conceived as a worktop or countertop, iTOPKER’s high performance properties and technical characteristics make it the perfect choice, whatever the setting.

Today we want to show you all the new releases:



Terrazo is back in fashion, with an innovative new use as a kitchen countertop. Its traditional pattern has been combined with an extra smooth porcelain surface, able to infuse kitchens with contemporary-look charm.

Fluorite iTOPKer Blanco Plus Natural_2

Fluorite iTOPKer Blanco Plus Natural_1



Travertine marble continues to be a popular look in interior design. This iTOPKer model, ideal for use in both kitchens and bathrooms, stands out for its rich dark colours, strong veined pattern, and opulently elegant polished surface.

Geo iTOPKer Crema Natural_1

Geo iTOPKer Crema Natural_2



Ice iTOPKer is synonymous with white in its purest of states, a modern-looking fundamental colour perfect for all kitchen and bathroom countertops, ensuring luminosity and an added sense of spaciousness. Available in both a natural and glossy polished finish.

Ice Ice Blanco High-gloss Polished_1

Ice iTOPKer Ice Blanco Natural



Natural materials in a pure state like granite inspire the surface of iTOPKer´s Iseo. Warm colours depict a conglomerate rock pattern evocative of newly quarried stone, with an elegant bush-hammered texture that conveys the features of honed stones applied to the decoration of spaces. ISEO iTOPKer sums up the charm and variety of nature merged with the latest style and trends.

Iseo iTOPKer Gris Abujardado_1

Iseo iTOPKer Gris Abujardado_2



Inspired by stone eroded by the sea, PACIFIC iTOPKer comes in two neutral natural-look shades of colour. It stands out for its gentle bush-hammered relief pattern and, in particular, the worn effect of its abundant veins, bringing movement to the surface.

Pacific iTOPKer Gris Bush-hammered_1

Pacific iTOPKer Blanco Plus Bush-hammered_4



Polished finishes bring luminosity to living spaces. When a subtle metallic shine is added to this, kitchen countertops take on a highly modern, stylish appeal. PULSAR iTOPKer is a new finish for countertops that combines a high-gloss polished surface with a metallic sparkle that glitters when light reflects on it.

Púlsar iTOPKer Negro Pulido Brillo_1

Púlsar iTOPKer Negro Pulido Brillo_2



STORM iTOPKer is inspired by the dynamism and beauty of natural stone. A new version of a classic in dark grey with white veins, this solid surface evokes nature at its most vigorous in a contrasting gentle natural finish.

Storm iTOPKer Negro Natural_2

Storm iTOPKer Negro Natural_1



A surface inspired by superior classic marbles, with a subtle elegant veined pattern on a pure white background. Available in both a natural and glossy polished finish, the iTOPKer TOUCHÉ collection can be used to create countertops with a bookmatching mirror effect.

Touché iTOPKer Bookmatch Ice Blanco-Gris High-gloss Polished_1

Touché iTOPKer Bookmatch Ice Blanco-Gris High-gloss Polished_2



UNIQUE iTOPKer emulates stone in colour and design, with veining that lends it a subtle dynamism. A countertop of timeless beauty, it will fit in perfectly with any style of interior design. Available in both a natural and glossy polished finish.

Unique iTOPKer Piedra Natural

Unique iTOPKer Piedra High-gloss Polished_1