Maison, Objet, Luxury and much more

Fairs and professional meetings must evolve to meet the needs of our changing society. Maison & Objet, the annual event held in Paris for last 20 years, has understood this reality. This is why it showcases a unique and special gaze to the latest trends for home and interior design. This year’s event, which takes place from today Friday January 22nd to Tuesday 26th, is divided into three well-defined spaces:

Maison: 100% interior design, focused on the decoration of spaces.

Objet: Objects and elements, from furniture to lighting, and how they complement and modify each other.

Luxury: Luxury and exclusivity are trends that find in the French capital a unique space this year, focused on creativity, innovation and technical solutions.

We are eager to see how this event opens its doors to the latest trends. Certainly, an annual exhibition with such a unique scenary celebrates the approaches of the most important designers and interior designers worldwide, shown with the French organization´s exquisite point of view.

Moreover, Maison & Objet´s 2016 Highlighted Designer is a spaniard: Eugeni Quilet, who describes himself as a ‘disoñador’, a word play mixing the spanish words designer (diseñador) and dreamer (soñador), who will enjoy a special recognition by the fair. Inspired and influenced by Gaudí, Barcelona and Ibiza, Eugeni brings his unique vision of industrial design to such a special meeting point as the Parisian stage.

This meeting also stands out for its wide contents. Not surprisingly, in addition to the professional exhibition itself, Maison & Objet includes presentations under the ‘Wild’ label, and a rich program of lectures for the five days, with speeches of some of the key players in these sectors. We´ll be looking forward to discovering the highlights and to visualize how this trends can be immediately put in motion.

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