Magma in Barcelona: Timeless Design

This week we travel to Barcelona to enjoy this house, a clear example of how applying the latest architectonical trends results in a warm and comfortable house in which everyone would like to live in.

Magma series in Moka Colour and 100×100 cm format has been used as flooring throughout the house. Its stone-like texture, inspired in molten rock, unites timeless style and the trendiest aesthetic. Magma appears in this project in two different textures, polished and anti-slip. Magma Series is one of the most important porcelain collections of Inalco, in Slimmker  range of slim porcelain tiles.

The anti-slip texture of Magma Series has the same appearance and visual quality than the polished finishing, adding the security of being able to place it with total confidence in outdoor areas such as next to the pool.

A modern waterfall shower highlights in the façade, breaking the monotony of the wall, but keeping the overall linearity.

For the interior floor, the polished finishing is perfect for highlighting the warmth of the house, bringing more light into a space already opened to the outside.

Straight lines and the removal of the accessory, even the partitions that are not absolutely necessary, are some of main concerns that have been successfully solved in this project.

Moka colour of Magma Series flawlessly coordinates with the carpentry used, both in soft and light tones.

The large format 100×100 cm highlights the spaces, and gives breadth to the whole, being used in both ground and wall cladding, a trend widely used in the latest projects of international decoration.

Cream colour of Magma Series is placed on the wall, perfectly coordinated within the overall space.

Also, an important lighting project has been carried out, using the most modern and harmonious elements currently available.

Concealing the incidental and non essential elements is also important on the entrance lobby,  where woodworking hides the rooms of the house elegantly, while forcing sight to flow into the main space, the dining room. All elements are combined to further increase the house comfort and spaciousness. Its white and cream tones fit well with Magma´s Moka and Cream colours.

The staircase was taylor-made for this project, with special technical steps in all four sides of the step. They rest at the metallic structure of the staircase.

This staircase leads to a multi-purpose attic located on the first floor, and it´s just supported on the bearing wall on the left, the only wall placed in the center of the house.

Magma Series, full-body porcelain, allows placement with pillar edge on corners, avoiding the inconvenience of having to miter the edges, maintaining a uniform aesthetic at the same time.

Black colour selected for the dining table and the sofa turn them into stylish spots in a house full of soft and light tones.

A crystal sliding door embedded in the wall facilitates the separation of the kitchen from the living-room when interested, otherwise open wide.

The kitchen´s central island highlights, large and spacious. Also all elements are perfectly organized within the furniture, concealed unless they are necessary.

The bedrooms share the same general  flooring, and become comfortable and cozy private spaces.

In one bathroom, Handcraft Series in  White colour and 100×100 cm format has been installed in the walls looking for a distinct and fresh atmosphere, but using the same large squared format as in the rest of the house.

Handcraft Series, inspired by the warm texture of clay and the marks of the potter´s hands on terracotta, also complements the natural feel that  Magma Series transmits to the house.

In the second bathroom, Magma Series Beige and Moka has been placed  mantaining the same chromatic palette than in the rest of the house,  but in a smaller size, 50×100 cm., more adequate to this limited space.



Location: Barcelona (Spain)

Photographer: Ainhoa Anaut

Porcelain Tiles:

Magma Series Moka and Beige Colours

Handcraft Series White Colour