Lights! Cameras! Emotions!

Emotions and light, shadows and reflections that influence the way we look at life. Light is an essential element for everything we see, but apart from its own artistic quality, it transforms the emotions we experience in every space, even being capable of transforming the spaces in which we live, and altering our behaviour.

Apart from making us feel safer, lighting also plays other roles in the process of creating and designing both natural and artificial scenarios. When creating atmospheres, light and colour can be used to achieve the most varied and surprising effects, which influence our emotions in different ways.

Numerous studies have shown how different coloured light affects the way the brain captures stimuli and turns them into emotions and type of behaviour. A bright, sunny day generates feelings of optimism and happiness, while a cloudy day makes us feel sad and melancholy. The same thing happens with artificial lighting…

A few simple splashes of light are essential in creating the atmosphere and emotions we seek in interior spaces. A choice which, thanks to the latest trends, is not only based on the resulting appearance, but also the resulting state of mind. An increasing popular movement which Inalco is watching with special interest… After all, we’re always on the lookout for truly illuminating ideas.