Life in Black & White

Simple, pure, basic…

If there is a trend that emerges strongly in decor nowadays, that definitely is the Black & White.

White and Black oppose each other and live together at the same time, as a complete marriage. With them, the spaces are enlarged and filled with light, and materials are shown in their purest essence. It is the ultimate expression of chromatic contrast.

Inalco develops this chromatic duo with the exclusive Blanco Plus+ and Negro Plus+ colours, achieving a colour purity hitherto unthinkable on a porcelain tile that simply cannot be found in nature. Both are part of the AIT (Advanced Inalco technologies) innovations.

Here we show you the new Black&White Collections:

Pure. Strong and minimalist, it elevates ultra-white and ultra-black colours to the highest level. Their highly polished surface transform each one into a work of art.

Cosmic seeks to balance opposites. The combination of straight black lines on the Blanco Plus+ surface inspires harmonious diversity.

Road draws a path combining these colours, playing with rounded shapes in which both are protagonists.

Memories draws on past trends but using modern materials. Its lines, delicately applied, present the imperfection of a ripped flat surface at the base that reveals a slight veined black marble design.