Life and Arts to commemorate the World Architecture Festival 2013

Open spaces. Surprising. Innovative. Conceptual.

Such are the three projects that have been awarded with the main prizes in the world’s most important Congress of Architecture that was held in Singapore last October. A major event that reflects the good shape of creative thinking applied to architecture, a concept that not only is not in crisis, but it incorporates elements that make us maintain hope for a more sustainable, solid and even artistic future. It´s a source of inspiration also for us, as we are constantly trying to develop each material to be included in projects that improve the lives of those who live and share every space.

The World Architecture Festival, held this year in the city of Singapore, is an annual event that celebrates the year’s best architectural concepts worldwide, with dozens of works selected after an intensive validation process. An opportunity to discover the paths that highlight the future trends in architecture and interior design, a must-see event that has a double interest  for Inalco due to its nature of shared knowledge among professionals and the artistic + technological solutions that are presented.

The stars of the meeting were three projects connected by innovation, knowledge and inspiration: works that deserve to be shown and lived ….

World Building of the Year
Aukland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki
Aukland, New Zealand
Frances-Jones Morehen Thorp
 and Archimedia

Future Project of the Year
National Maritime Museum of China
Tianjin, China
Cox Rayner Architects

World Landscape of the Year
The Australian Garden
Cranbourne, Australia
Taylor Cullity Lethlean + Paul Thompson

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