Jean Nouvel, a universe of his own

Jean Nouvel says that every project is created from scratch, without any preconceived ideas. Without any definite style decided in advance. Without guidelines that limit its development. Far from Le Corbusier’s line of thought and running away from the conceptions of modernism and postmodernism, the architect and designer born in Fumel (France, 1945) is an odd creator with an almost unlimited portfolio, with projects as varied as the Agbar Tower in Barcelona (Spain), Dentsu Building in Tokyo (Japan), Gasometer in Venice (Italy), Institute of the Arab World in Paris (France) and Hotel Puerta América in Madrid. An architecture difficult to categorize, and even to identify as the creation of one single architect.

But Jean Nouvel is not only dedicated to designing the ‘covers’ of his buildings. Industrial design is also among his passions, with more than a hundred pieces of furniture and design that, since 1987, has signed all over the world. That is precisely the topic of the exhibition that the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris shows until February 2017, in which the depth of the design of the multifaceted French architect and designer can be perceived and enjoyed. An exhibition in which Nouvel wanted to create beyond a retrospective of his work, a space for dialogue with the museum, its history and its collections.

The exhibition ‘Jean Nouvel, my furniture for architect’ reflects on the relationships between the creations of the 2008 Pritzker Prize Winner with the rooms of the museum itself, from those dedicated to the Middle Ages or to the nineteenth century, to the ones designed by Nouvel for the Musée focused on advertising and graphic design.

An exquisite exhibition in which to discover more throughly the mental processes of one of the most outstanding architects and designers of the last decades. His studio Jean Nouvel Design has collaborated with important furniture and lighting firms, creating famous elements such as the Less table or the Skin sofa, which are also present in the exhibition. An unmissable opportunity in the French capital to continue learning from one of the greats and from his own personal universes.

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