iTOP. Textured designs for countertops.

ITOPKER. Textured designs for porcelain slab countertops

Inalco has penetrated the countertop market in style with iTOPKer Solutions, its 150x300cm porcelain slabs. Thanks to their wide range of textures and colours, new imaginative settings can now be created, from luminous multifunctional ones that foster interplay among all the different design features to open-air areas that integrate other activities into our lives. 

Two collections, Foster iTOPKer and Domo iTOPKer, were launched at the Inalco Design Days, with surfaces and colours that fit in with the latest decoration and interior design trends. iTOPKer’s variety of textures and neutral colours push back the boundaries of the aesthetic and decorative possibilities that tile materials offer.


iTOPKer comes in a choice of 16 neutral colours, with velvety surfaces in natural colours such as its Foster or Domo models or bolder more trendsetting ones like its bush-hammered relief-textured finish. New designer flair and functionality can now be brought to kitchens, bathrooms and countertops in general, not just in homes but also in public spaces of all kinds, including outdoor terraces.

n addition to their high resistance, thanks to an optimum thickness of 12 mm, iTOPKer  porcelain slabs also allow for the creation of fully customized countertops. Made-to-measure countertops with recessed or surface-mounted washbasins can easily be created in multiple finishes, with polished, bevel or rabbet edges etc.  

Foster is a very popular design among professionals worldwide and Inalco decided to bring its characteristic textures to its range of countertops. The warm feel of its Natural finish and gentle reliefs of its Bush-Hammered texture have a modern timeless appeal, ensuring deluxe elegance to be enjoyed for many years to come. 


Granite is a very commonly used material in kitchens. Inalco’s Domo iTOPKer collection has the same characteristic strength and resistance, with the added benefit of a more modern versatile touch that lends it a special personality in keeping with avant-garde decorative trends.

Colours, textures, modern designs, an incredible 150x300cm format, and unbeatable technical performance thanks to its 12mm thickness. Now it is just a question of giving full reign to your imagination and creativity!