iTOP´s new generation

In the last few years, ceramics have proved to be the perfect material for decorating any space. And kitchen countertops or bathroom benches and washbasins are no exception. Inalco fused the outstanding technical features of our porcelain tiles collections with an extra-large 1500×3200 mm format with modern trendy designs and textures to create our iTOPKer solutions range.

And in Cersaie, the revolution went even further, as we launched 5 new collections that complement the existing models and bring new styles and new ways to decorate the world  kitchen benches. Mainly inspired in fine materials available in Nature, such as stones and wood, the new iTOPKer solutions Series are the perfect choice whatever the setting.

Today we highlight the new iTOPKer solutions releases, so you can have them all together in one place, and enjoy its wide choice of designs, textures and colours.



Antal iTOPKer stands out for its exclusive elegance, reproducing the beauty and simplicity of natural stone: a material that acts as a magnificent source of inspiration in projects with a distinctive personality. Available in  Crema and Gris colours, both provide a neutral elegance to any surface.

Cersaie_Antal iTOPKer_IMG_1662

Antal iTOPKer Gris Natural_2

Antal iTOPKer Gris Natural_1


Cosmos iTOPKer reflects the random element of the matter that makes up the universe. A multitude of particles are randomly scattered across its largeformat surface, transforming each tile into something totally unique. Available in Crema and Piedra colours.

Cersaie_Cosmos iTOPKer_IMG_1697

Cosmos iTOPKer Crema Natural_2

Cosmos iTOPKer Piedra Natural_mascaras


Touché iTOPKer has all the luminosity of fine marble – a much appreciated material in the world of architecture. A collection that stands out for its ultra white surface and random veins.

Cersaie_Touché iTOPKer_IMG_1865(2)

Touche iTOPKer Blanco-Gris Plus Natural

Touche iTOPKer Blanco-Gris Plus Natural + Magma Gris Natural


Unique iTOPKer Series is inspired by a stone design of high aesthetic value. It´s our first Collection that includes a high-gloss polished finish for countertops, providing an outstanding result. Available in Piedra colour.

Cersaie_Unique iTOPKer_IMG_1803

Unique iTOPKer piedra Pulido Brillo_2

Unique iTOPKer piedra Pulido Brillo_1


W-Solid iTOPKer is evocative of wood reduced to a minimum of expression. It combines monochrome colours (a popular choice in modern architecture) with a relief pattern that evokes all the worn knots and unevenness of real wood. Available in neutral Blanco Plus and Negro colours.

Cersaie_W-Solid iTOPKer_IMG_1704

W-solid iTOPKer Negro Natural_1

W-solid iTOPKer Blanco Natural

We hope you liked these new collections.

In the next articles, we´ll show you the other new releases presented in Cersaie. Stay tuned!