Inalco´s distinctive style in a family home in Barcelona

Once in a while, we discover a house in which several models and textures have been brought together with great taste and sensibility, highlighting the best qualities of each model in the right space.

This project is a Family Home in Barcelona, where Inalco´s porcelain products have been used, getting splendid results.

Foster Series in Cream Colour,  a Slimmker slim thickness tile, has been used in large format in all planes of the façade. Its neutral Cream tone and smooth finishing increase the modern aesthetic of this house, located in a classic neighborhood in Barcelona.

The slim thickness of Slimmker Porcelain Series, just 5.7 mm, is perfect for façades, as it provides only half the weight than a porcelain product of standard thickness and therefore, the total load weight of the exterior walls is much less.

Foster Series, in Slimmker finish, also allows a perfect modulation to any space, and works just fine in such a stylish and multi-faceted façade.

Also, Cream colour gives a great lighting to this building, with a modern feel.

Inside the house, white and warm tones have been selected for the general decoration, continuing with the same color palette as in the façade but changing models and textures from one room to the other.

Lighting has been a main concern designing this house, and getting direct sunlight was a priority. In this regard, the end result is awesome .

The use of large porcelain tiles emphasizes the house´s already great amplitude, making spaces look even larger.

Magma Series, in Moka Colour, polished finishings and large 100×100 cm format is used as main floor in the house. Thanks to their fine-grained texture, Magma series gives a modern look combined with the warmth and personality of natural products, being one of the most popular stone-inspired porcelain collection of Inalco.

Magma Series is versatile and decorative and can also be used in the stairs of the house. Thanks to its large format each step can be laid with just one porcelain piece, getting the same aesthetic result as natural stone.

Its Moka colour and polished finishings combines with carpentry and with other porcelain collections used in other rooms.


80.4 Series in White Colour and 79×79 cm format blends simplicity with avant-garde flair, to create modern settings with a varying sense of depth. Another one of Inalco´s stone-like collection, fits perfectly with Magma Series used in floor. 80.4 Series is capable, itself, of bringing settings to life, eliminating unsightly joints with its multiple reliefs, and getting better lighting in this ambient.

For the Kitchen floor, Damasco Series in Pardo Colour has been selected, as it was considered that its darker tone would be more adequate for kitchen use, better concealing  possible stains due to the high use of this space. Damasco Series stone-inspired design also looks good and fits with the overall design of the house

Kira Series  in White Colour is perfect for kitchen decoration. Thanks toits glossy finish and subtle embossed pattern, a fascinating metallic glimmering effect can be achieved when light falls on the tiles, infusing settings with luminosity and stylish elegance.

Kira Series  in White and Camel Colours are combined for decoration in the main bathroom with the same warm colour used in the rest of the house. Camel Colour also looks good with natural wood used on floor and bathroom furniture.

80.8 Series in White Colour  is used on the second bathroom´s walls. Inspired by modern wood with a brushed effect, gives a natural and bright look at one of the smallest spaces of the house.



Location: Barcelona (Spain)

Photographer: Ainhoa Anaut

Porcelain Tiles:

Façade: Foster Series Cream Colour

General Floor: Magma Series Moka Colour and Polished finishings 

Kitchen Floor: Damasco Series in Pardo Colour

Kitchen Wall: Kira Series in Blanco Colour

Bathroom 1: Kira Series in Blanco and Camel Colours

Bathroom 2: 80.8 Series in Blanco Colour