Inalco in Cersaie 2014: Virtual visit.

Last week we enjoyed some great days in the Cersaie 2014 Trade Fair. Many international visitors, clients and professionals, came to our Stand for their yearly dose of style and design, as Inalco showed them how using the latest technology and innovations, trending timeless porcelain collections can be created. For those of you who missed our presentation, we show you in the following article our Stand and the collections presented during this event.

One important concern was how to create a Stand that not only highlighted our new collections and applications, but also provided a warm, wide, easy-to-work-in space. The solution came with the development of a main central ambient surrounded by a elevated walkway, which allowed visitors to see and discover all the new models from a new point of view. In the center setting, clients and professionals could work in a relaxed, unstressed way.

Starting the visit, the exterior façade with Antal Series in 150×300 cm format  and Gris colour welcomed visitors. Then, Oxide 100×300 cm in Corten colour in the interior wall, and Prints Vestige 2.0 in 25×200 cm slabs and Camel colour as flooring  of the rectangular aisle took professionals to the interior exhibition area.

Two aesthetic trends inspire the development of the new ceramic collections that were launched under “The Signature of Time” slogan:

The passing of time enhances materials’ natural qualities, inspiring us to regard beauty as something that is alive and improves with the passing of the years. If we apply this trend to our products, the resulting simple, uncontrived, worn natural surfaces with a distinctive personality spark off feelings and emotions which are intrinsically linked to us. New Age and Fade Series showed a warm, intimate feel, and had a important presence in our stand.

Black & White is the second aesthetic trend that guides the development of new Slimmker slimline porcelain collections with a thickness of 5.7 mm. The chromatic purity of both colours allows designs that convey a timeless luxury, bringing a great beauty and sophistication to settings, defined by a great luminosity, exclusivity and visual impact. Pure, Touché, Altair Patchwork, Cosmic, Memories and Road showed the unlimited possibilities of this new pure colours. The translucent porcelain Poise Slimmker-Light was also present in our italian presentation.

The iTOPKer solutions range of 12 mm-thick ceramic slabs measuring up to 1500 x 3000 mm for use as countertops, had an outstanding presence in the exhibition, where its wide choice of 16 colours, with a natural or bush-hammered finish were shown in a kitchen and bathroom countertops and a working table, and were highly appreciated by the attending professionals.

Once again, Inalco showed ceramics are a essential element for architecture, interior design and decoration projects that enhance the beauty of any space. Its multiple possibilities allow creativity to run free and create settings with a distinctive personality.

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