Inalco Design Days 2014: just in time

Sometimes it flies by. On other occasions, it never seems to pass. There are even situations where it is capable of healing everything. Depending on how you look at it, it can even work wonders. Time… It gives meaning to our lives, filling our days with nostalgic memories and dreams. Past and future. Yesterday and tomorrow.

Today Inalco is looking forward to the future while also reflecting on the very best of the past as an important lesson for building on, both figuratively and literally. And this is why the 2014 edition of Inalco’s Design Days are based on the slogan “The Signature of Time” and its capacity to leave indelible marks.

Worn elements, innovation and technology have been combined with tradition and the harmony of nature’s own products with the marks of their evolution. The passage of time is one of the most commonly used trends in today’s worlds of interior design and architecture, often evoking past experiences while also offering a glimpse of dizzying future worlds.

At Inalco, we are particularly keen on the idea of using the event as a forum for discussing different ways of facing up to the future, and we believe that nature’s influence and our pasts can play a fundamental role in this.

There are just a few days to go before we can contemplate the signature of the best author. We are counting the days, hours and seconds. We believe that it will arrive just in time, as it always does.