Inalco Design Days: Hidden treasures

Inalco Design Days Event was held from May 29th to June 1st in Inalco´s facilities in Alcora, Spain.

This exhibition was not just a presentation of new ceramics collections but also a synthesis of Inalco´s work philosophy and sensitivity, whilst at the same time looking ahead to the future with optimism. Therefore, the motto for this presentation is ‘Craft feeling, Industrial making’

We believe that each product has its own story to tell, its own unique personality and authenticity.

If we can learn from their origins and from the skill and know-how of traditional craftsmen, and combine them with state-of-the-art techniques and materials, we can create new products with more uses and applications, with greater added value in comparison with existing options, and can accordingly satisfy the most demanding needs of professionals around the world.

Only with maximum care and attention to details that goal can be achieved. From the start when we start looking for inspiration for designing a model until the end, when a new model comes out of the kiln, months of hard work fulfilled.

The Inalco Design Days event also pays tribute to the progression of ceramic tiles.

From a recent past, when ceramics merely had a constructive and hygienic role, and the first industrial manufacturers could only produce small red-body ceramics formats such as 20×20 cm or 30×30 cm, with almost no decoration.

To the present, when Slimmker porcelain tiles in large formats, up until 1500×3000 mm, and slim thickness of 5,7 mm is playing a fundamental part in any architecture, interior design or decor project thanks to the fabulous designs and aesthetic features of these materials, combined with their outstanding technical performance.

And to the future, where new ceramic novelties and its applications in design and architecture projects will still surprise and thrill professionals and traditional consumers alike, turning them into ceramic-lovers. 

To highlight this topics, we redecorated Inalco´s Design Professional Area with lots of vintage elements, emphasising the idea of recover old concepts, materials or even cultures in order to transform them into something new and better. There were too many to notice, so we thought it could be a cool idea to show a gallery of some of the best hidden treasures that can still be found in Inalco. Some of these items were part of our productive line, and were turned into stylish and decorative parts of our Showroom.

Even rusty metal gears can now be beautiful…

But let´s not spoil the best parts…

We hope you like this months-in-the-making exhibition.

Cheers !!
































We hope you like it as much as we liked producing this photographic report.

Stay tuned for new coverage of the Inalco Design Days event.