Inalco Design Days 2013: Virtual visit

Inalco welcomes you to the first edition of Inalco Design Days.

We felt that no fair or event, no matter how large space we could use, would ever allow us to fully express our creativity and positivism towards future, so we decided that we should bring the exhibition home!!!

Also, the new Slimmker Collections in extra-large 1500×3000 mm format truly deserved the best design setting we could dream, and we think we got it.

We are celebrating a new way of showing our Slimmker porcelain collections, paying homage to the craftmanship of artisans and the history of Ceramic Sector.

From humble beginnings to becoming an essential element for decoration around the world.

Inalco Design Professional area is prepared to receive visitors from around the world.

Inalco design Days is located Inalco´s productive area, come in!!! 

Craft Feeling, Industrial making is the event slogan, and sums up Inalco´s work philosofy and sensibility, whilst at the same time looking ahead to the future with optimism. We bring together the traditional know-how of the artisan with a creative, personal reinterpretation, using the very latest technologies and sustainable innovations.

The Exhibition used part of Inalco´s productive area, the perfect setting to highlight new Slimmker Collections,with a industrial aesthetic.

The first new Slimmker collection is Maze Series, part of Mundi Collections, designed by Architect Sara de la Mata, head of Bunch Studio Madrid. Mundi collections are a subtle exploration of traditional shapes and iconography, a new look at the civilisations of the Earth as a source of inspiration.

Maze Series comes in 4 polished colours, the first time ever a slim porcelain, 5.7 mm, can be polished in such a large 1000×3000 mm format, with great linear design, inspired by the spread of modern western metropolises.

New Collections in incredible 1500×3000 mm format take center stage in this event. In this picture: Poise Series, also part of Mundi Collections, designed by architect Sara de la mata.

Poise is inspired in asian culture, referring to traditional values such as simplicity, order and balance. Straight lines give this collection a style stripped of superflous elements, elegant and innovative at the same time.

Lighting and recycled elements used for decoration are a important design trend, and we try to show its numerous possibilities.

On the back, curved wall with Magma Series Slimmker in 1000×3000 mm prove only imagination can limit your creativity. Any Architectural need can be satisfied using Inalco´s ceramics

Cozy and warm living-room with large 1500×1500 mm Foster Series in piedra Colour placed on floor. 1500×1500 mm square format is amazing for any flooring.

Foster encapsulates all the simplicity and elegance of cement, with a gentle polished finish. Neutral-looking  with a versatile. contemporary appeal. With its purity of design and smooth texture, dynamic contrasts are generated. Modernity is fused with classicirm, lending settings an original, innovative air.

Rusty old elements found in our production area can be turned into Art, as we showcase in these paintings placed in the living-room.

Because… is it not Art anything that can move your heart and provoke emotions?

Slimmker´s textures and designs, reliefs and color palette can truly touch your feelings.

Slimmker Slim porcelain provides the perfect technical features and design to be used, for example, as table tops.

Kendo Mobiliario has developed a range of products using Slimmker Slim Tiles.

In the rear side of the main wall, Henna Series shines. The third part of Mundi Collection, Designed by architect Sara de la Mata, in incredible 1500×3000 mm Slimmker porcelain.

A space for culture in a modern society that seeks to return to the origins of civilisation as a powerful visual backdrop. Like a natural tattoo on human skin, Henna, with its vast decorative potential, brings a sense of design to any space. Inalco has reinvented this design to create a collection with character, primitive but warm, in 4 distinctive colours.

In the wodden pallet display, Poise Series contrast its linear asian design with Henna Series´s aboriginal design,  full of symbolism structured in an extraordinary combination of shapes, figures and backgrounds.

Most of the decorative elements, such as lamps, were originally used in our own productive line and have been recycled into a new and brighter spot. Old glazing bells are now stylish lamps, fitting perfectly well in the aesthetic of this event.

Old wodden pallets are now perfect tables for amazingly display new ceramic collections, Such as Boheme Series in the new Decapé finishings, inspired by the scaled and naked wood after the passing of time, in 1000×1000 mm format.

We will show you the whole exhibition from a new point of view, elevated from the ground. Thanks to that, you will perfectly admire the whole scope of Inalco Design Days.

In the right side of the exhibition, is located the entrance door, and there is a TV Screen with the construction´s making-off, and examples of real projects with Inalco products.

There, you can also see a porcelain carpet, with New Oxide Series, a new Slimmker Collection in 1000×1000 mm format, that is a very accurate interpretation of classic Corten steel. This material shows all the signs of having been weathered by the elements, giving it an artistic touch, maintaining all of its strength in combination with modern interior design and decoration trends.

Also, new Handcraft Deco grey in Slimmker 1000×1000 mm, is a revamped version of encaustic flooring forms, combining hand-made appeal with stylish elegance.

The main living-room area is warm and modern, all elements fitting in perfect harmony, lighting increasing the well-being you feel there. You could almost dream this could be your perfect house. Foster Series in piedra colour and new 1500×1500 mm is used, its neutral tone always perfect for any setting.

The center space is a multi-purpose area, where you can make bussiness or have a great lunch. Tate Series in Slimmker Porcelain in grey tone in flooring gives it a modern cement feel to the space.

The left side of the Inalco Design Days Area amazes visitors with the huge 6 meter tall wall, using the new 1500×3000 mm Slimmker Collections.

Thanks to all visitors, clients and friends, who shared with us four incredible days of Exhibition.