Hello! Anatomy of Communication at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2013

Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair is the world’s largest meeting place for Scandinavian furniture and lighting design, for both home and public environments. From 5th to 9th February, it took place its 62th edition and, interested in new fashions and tendencies, we closely followed all new products and trends presented there.

Hello! – Anatomy of Communication

Running for a three-year period and initiated by the Fair, Hello! is a combined exposure aimed to show a dialogue about current and future workspaces, a discussion on trends, a user manual and interpretation of decorative aesthetics.

The focus this edition has been Communication and dialogue and architect Gert Wingårdh and Finnish illustrator Kustaa Saksi have joined creative forces to design the installation.

They have each started out from their own perspective while adhering to a shared vision, creating an installation of 11,000 patterned paper sheets. Wingårdh and Saksi staggered the pieces of paper up from the corners of the rectangular area to create a dome accessed by an arch on each side with such an amazing result as this…

But, who are those two artists that have carried out this brilliant installation? Let’s know a little more about them…

Gert Wingårdh

Success in all our projects comes from good communication, at some point we exchanged proposals and different points of view. I think it will be an interesting topic to develop Hello installation, especially the development of the idea into a shared vision” says Gert Wingårdh about his participation the project.

Gert Wingårdh is one of the most renowned architects, author of several prestigious projects and characterized by the use of natural and defining elements, uniquely simple and well defined as a whole.

Artistically his work has become some of the most emblematic places in Sweden.

Kustaa Saksi

It will be very interesting to work with an architect,  for a moment I seriously considered this project as a new and different option in my career. Both work in the media, only with different forms of expression and on different scales” says Kustaa Saksi.

Kustaa Saksi is an artist with roots in Scandinavian design. As an illustrator,  he has an obvious love for nature and futuristic technology. He stimulates colorful imagination. In his work, his unique images let you combine organic touches and beautiful forms in surreal landscapes.

Saksi has exhibited his work in Paris and Barcelona and has worked for publications such as Wallpaper, The New York Times and Bon Swedish fashion and brands like Nike, Nissan and Issey Miyake.


Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair

Gert Wingårdh

Kustaa Saksi