From catwalks to interior design

Where do fashion and trends come from? How do they evolve from one sector to another to become specific styles with extensive features and finishes? We in Inalco are always aware of the latest trends, in a world that now is evolving faster and faster, connecting different productive sectors and making them more malleable. Internet has changed the way we communicate and get in touch with people, breaking down barriers and borders, and that’s why it´s more important than ever to be up-to-date of any development that arise in any sector, because they can be the ones that mark our future.

In recent days, the catwalks of the Fashion Week Barcelona or the Madrid Fashion Week join other international events such as in New York, Milan and London. Catwalks that give us clues of where fashion is headed in the coming months, colors and combinations that will be quickly applied to other fields such as interior design and industrial design. Fashion is the sector that most works with ‘coolhunting’ techniques, detecting booming patterns which are then worked to bring them to the market in the form of the new fashion trends of how to dress and perform. These ‘influencers’ set the standards behind the catwalks, or even before they even happen in this new digital prism of communication, as they apply to other design sectors, in objects and in ambients that surround us.

One of the procedures by which these trends transform other fields such as interior design and decoration is through ‘mood boards’. By using collages of styles, interior and industrial designers create combinations of elements of a specific trend they get inspired from, thus introducing novelties applied to their fields who are in tune with these elements. This way, these combinations that were first seen months ago in the catwalks are conveyed to any specific field months later, getting colours, shapes and objects that are finally seen and enjoyed at homes, offices, shops, hotels, shops…

This road runs faster and faster, as these trends in today’s digital reality move in greater quantity and quality. Therefore, those committed with the discovery and application of trends need a greater flexibility to make society get used to these constant changes. Change that has become the key feature of the 21th Century. Evolution is an obligation, create a necessity, to transform and always to offer an updated trendy look for being connected to this changing world… Because everything changes and is transformed, and comes quickly from the catwalks to, for example, our own homes.

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