Feel Inalco´s newest surfaces in Mercado Colón Valencia

Inalco returns to Mercado de Colón (Columbus Market, Valencia – Spain) to present the new surfaces for countertops of the iTOPKer solutions range in a striking project of decoration. The exhibition will take place from February 1st to 4th and will be held under the slogan “Cooking dreams, cooking best surfaces”.

“Cooking dreams, cooking best surfaces” refers to the importance of the kitchen as the heart of every home. It’s where everyone gathers together and apart from preparing food, it’s the place where we cook up our dreams and plans for the future, adding a little spice to our lives. All this goes on in spaces where we feel at home, sharing experiences and emotions… giving in to sensations and feelings… and for this reason, kitchen surfaces, tables and even bathrooms have become focal points filled with design, warmth and comfort.

The iTOPKer solutions range of 12mm-thick porcelain slabs in a extra-large format 1500×3200 mm are the result of technological progress and continuous search of ceramic solutions for architects, decorators and interior designers. With more than 25 different colours and finishings available nowadays, they perfectly convey our intention to ensure that the experiences and feelings that are lived at home are warmer and cozier.

Today we share with you some of the existing reliefs and textures in awesome ambients and close-ups, and invite you to visit us next week in Valencia to meet the Company´s new proposals.

Inalco - Invitación Mercado Colón 2016

Foster iTOPKer

Foster iTOPKer Blanco Bush-hammered_2

Foster iTOPKer Negro Bush-hammered

Antal iTOPKer

Antal iTOPKer Gris Natural_1

Antal iTOPKer Gris Natural_2

Cosmos iTOPKer

Cosmos iTOPKer Crema Natural_1

Cosmos iTOPKer Crema Natural_2

Touché iTOPKer


Touche iTOPKer Blanco-Gris Plus Natural

W-Solid iTOPKer

W-solid iTOPKer Blanco Natural

W-solid iTOPKer Negro Natural_1

Domo iTOPKer

Domo iTOPKer Negro Bush-hammered + Evoque Fresno Natural

Domo iTOPKer Negro Bush-hammered_3

Unique iTOPKer

Unique iTOPKer piedra Pulido Brillo_1

Unique iTOPKer piedra Pulido Brillo_2