Fade Deco enhances the beauty at home

Today we want to show amazing projects made by ECO DESIGN Italy, that has created several spaces full of warmth and personality, uniting the charm of worn-out handcrafted products with neutral tones and large formats.

For conveying this unique sensibility, Fade Series and its Fade Deco design in Piedra colour and a large 100×100 cm format has been the perfect materialFade combines a cement look with aged, worn stone-like textures, evoking past memories and the nostalgia of bygone times. Its worn look is achieved through an eroded surface and the visible tracks of time, combining the impression of gradual handcrafted repairs and alterations with trend-setting neutral colours, perfect for creating avant-garde settings with all the essence and flavour of the past.

Magma Series in Moka colour, inspired by natural basalt rock, is combined with Fade Deco Piedra in the main bathroom with impressive results. Basalt rock emerges from below the Earth’s crust in the form of lava and then solidifies into rock as it cools. Thanks to its fine-grained texture and hardness, Magma combines strength with delicacy, personality and style. A series perfect for creating evocative warm settings that exude a sense of harmony. Its large 100×100 cm Slimmker format is able to bring an elegant timeless appeal when combined with Fade Deco.

Another highlight in this bathroom is its countertop with embedded sink made of Foster iTOPKer range of 1500x3200mm porcelain slabs. Foster iTOPKer in Piedra colour and Natural finish is the icing on the cake, as it embodies the simplicity and elegance of cement applied to furniture. A contemporary, neutral-looking, versatile collection, Foster iTOPKer fits in with different settings and design concepts, offering unlimited potential. With an elegant, clear-cut design and smooth feel, Foster creates strong contrasts between classic and modern, bringing an innovative, original touch to settings.

When you combine all these elements together in this bathroom, the end result is even better than the sum of each specific model, proving once again that ceramic tiles are the perfect ally to stylishly decorate any space.

In the kids´ bathroom, the same materials were chosen but playing with a lighter tone, using Fade Deco Crema and Magma Crema as matching companions. The overall cream colour fits better with the children´s likings .

In the bedroom, 80.4 Series with Blanco Plus colour combines simplicity with cutting-edge appeal, it is perfect for creating modern looking settings where interplay in the tiles’ different depths can be used to fascinating effect. This gives it full potential in itself for dressing up settings of all kinds, with no need for other decorative features.

Also in the kitchen, Fade Deco is used in both the wall tile and the central island, creating a continuous design. Its large 100×100 cm format help widens the space, making it look ever bigger, and its Deco Crema colour looks great combined with the wooden floor.


We give you the specifications of these projects and materials.

All projects have been carried out by ECO DESIGN Italy

Product details:

-Main bathroom Wall tiles:

Fade Series in Deco Piedra Colour

Magma Series in Moka Colour

-Main bathroom countertop: 

Foster iTOPKer in Piedra colour

-Kids bathroom Wall tile:

Fade Series in Deco Crema colour

Bedroom wall tile:

80.4 Series in Blanco Plus colour

-Kitchen Wall tile:

Fade Series in Deco Crema Colour


Bathroom with Fade and Magma Series

Bathroom with Fade Deco on walls and Foster iTOPKer bathroom countertop

Amazing texture of Fade Deco and Foster iTOPKer countertop

Opposite view of main bathroom

Close-up Foster iTOPKer bathroom countertop with embedded sink

Magma Series in Moka colour

Close-up of Magma Series bathroom walls

Kids bathroom with Fade Deco Crema and Magma Crema

Extreme close-up of Fade Deco amazing design and texture

Main bedroom - 80.4 Series

Detail of 80.4 Series texture

80.4 Series in Blanco Plus colour

Fade Deco in kitchen wall & island

Fade Deco provides a continuous design in the kitchen

Stay tuned for upcoming projects, we know you´ll love them!