Design cities

Summer is here and, with it, we start fixating about having a break from things. A trip to the seaside or up into the mountains, a popular destination or a more exotic one, a city holiday or village retreat, an inland or coastal location, a cultural holiday or leisure trip, somewhere completely new or a tried and trusted destination – it’s time to decide where to go to chill out and recharge your batteries. At Inalco Trends, we suggest another possible alternative, which you can start in virtual style. If it appeals to you, it is yet another option to consider for your next summer holiday, because despite the wide choice of possible destinations, few cities allow you to chill out in style, with maximum attention to the finest of details. Hong Kong, New York, Paris, London, Amsterdam and Barcelona all fit the bill if what you seek is a city with a special emphasis on all walks of design.

They are six world capitals with a pace all of their own. World leaders in innovation and style, they have a trendsetting magic appeal when it comes to industrial design, architecture and interior design, in addition to the fascination of their exhibitions, congresses, theme festivals and, above all, their intrinsic architectural fabric, seen from both inside and out.

Amsterdam is a city of contrasts, featuring a combination of Renaissance, Modernist and contemporary architecture and amazing hotels and restaurants. Surrounded by canals, the city’s pace is set by its cyclists. If you are looking for high-rise thrills, New York lights up at night like no other city. Its buildings have something to suit all tastes, with a unique mix of classic American and international style.

This mix is almost as cosmopolitan as London, visited by millions each year. This city has endless nooks and crannies worth visiting. Its shops, restaurants and even some of its luxury hotels are capable of inspiring new sensations on every visit. London’s habitual damp weather gives people a brief respite in summer, like Paris. The city of love, Paris stands out for its unparalleled style, with an exquisite elegance synonymous with the French. It is a city with an amazing history, with hotels that exude a mixture of art and sophistication and endless possibilities when it comes to restaurants and catering.

Barcelona, the capital of the province of Catalonia and Spain’s second biggest city, is a symbol of outward looking modern life. A city that has everything, it has all the aroma, impetus and drive of a capital city. A cultural melting pot that offers visitors endless possibilities when it comes to art, design and catering, Barcelona’s cultural mix is also shared by Hong Kong. Indeed, it is this mix that transformed Hong Kong from a city synonymous with Chinese architecture (until it came to form part of the British Empire in 1841) to today’s metropolis, with more skyscrapers than anywhere else in the world. The city is famous for its lack of space. Together with the growth of its population, this often leads to the demolition of older buildings and their replacement with new, modern high rises. Discover this incredible Asian city with a style all of its own.

Losing yourself in the streets of these cities is a process of self-discovery, inspiring new ideas in design and architecture. Do you fancy a visit to any of them?