Cooking moments

Plates, cutlery, food, tinned goods. Refrigerator, washing machine, oven and dishwasher. All of these elements are no longer unrelated and concealed within the home. The kitchen is no longer a place for preparing dishes, and is instead an open space, full of life and happiness. Modern trends point towards peace, harmony and inspiration around the hob. And here at Inalco, we know it.

The kitchen is the new favourite space in the home. It’s no longer the lounge, the family room, the library or the study. The kitchen brings people together with food, and is not only where we breathe life into our culinary creations, but where we share perfect moments with our loved ones. Whether it’s with a glass of wine, a laptop or seemingly impossible recipes, we’ve learned to use the kitchen in many different ways. Today kitchens are designed with more carefully studied shapes and sizes, in more comfortable, user-friendly styles.

Bringing flavours together to make our lives more harmonious, the kitchen represents creativity and inspiration in every respect. After all, if we’re capable of creating great dishes based on traditional recipes, then we can also come up with happier, more relaxing ways of living.

The perfect recipe: cooking unique moments.