Colón Market, a mixture of sensations in Valencia city centre

With a history suffused with memories, Colón Market – a central landmark of the city of Valencia – has become one of its most vibrant meeting points. Thanks to its stylish architecture, décor, high visitor numbers and location in one of the city’s busiest commercial areas, today it is one of the focal points of Spain’s third biggest cities. Influenced by Catalan Modernism, it is a big, long-shaped building whose dynamic décor, based on ornamentation and polychrome colours, has helped to transform it into an upbeat place buzzing with life, with the emphasis on things of beauty.

Over the years, the building has evolved, moving on from its original purely commercial role to become a complex on different levels featuring a variety of leisure-related and other activities, providing an aesthetic and functional solution to contemporary demands, in keeping with 21st century needs. In this way, it has become a multipurpose meeting point for having a coffee, searching out superior products or simply watching life go by against the backdrop of the centre’s permanent hustle and bustle.

The end result of the market’s contemporary refurbishment is a unique, tasteful, idyllic setting with a comfortable, modern air. With its combination of avant-garde and Modernist styles, Colón Market is a conceptual exercise with which Inalco feels a close affinity, based on a key idea that we respect and foster: the development of innovative projects inspired by classic influences and everything that they offer, galvanizing people and helping to trigger ideas. We’ll see you there in a few days…