Christmas magic in the streets of Europe

If there is a key element for this celebration that each year conquers December are the Christmas street markets. Christmas arrives to the streets, exploding with scents of roasted chestnuts, sounds of carols looming behind every corner, trees illuminating the longest nights and stalls and stalls of artisans, bakers or merchants. The scene is repeated throughout Europe with the typical cold and snow, which becomes an element that convey sensations and feelings now as the year ends. It is curious to observe how these markets share the essence of Christmas adapting to the culture and symbolism of each city and transforming the usually stressful streets into warm and harmonious shelters.

Any tour to the most characteristic Christmas markets in Europe has several unmissable stops. From the fairy tale in which French ´s town of Colmar in the alsace region becomes with the arrival of Christmas stalls, to Copenhagen, the Danish capital with its lake dyed with flashing lights and turned into an ice skating rink. Some are more historical, such as Strasbourg, dating from 1570 and that has been voted as the ‘Best Christmas Market Europe 2014’, while others have a great spanish flavour, such as Plaza Mayor of Madrid, where you can buy the latest jokes or additions to the “belén”.

Some markets adorn cities that already stand out for its architecture, such as Tallinn, capital of Estonia, declared a World Heritage Site in 1977, or Vienna, a real feast for the eyes that has in the yellow tones the ideal complement to winter. Nuremberg, Munich or Innsbruck are some of those cities that lovers of the street markets should visit at least once. Cities that, with the advent of feelings as harmony, peace and coexistence, dress up for Christmas always leaving in their decoration reflexes of a imperturbable time. As every year, they allow us to finish the year looking to the future with enthusiasm and hope as the colored lights …