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La evolución de los móviles

Lo utilizamos a todas horas en nuestro día a día, nos acompaña siempre, e incluso existe una enfermedad creada por la dependencia que le tenemos, la nomofobia. Es increíble como […]

From catwalks to interior design

Where do fashion and trends come from? How do they evolve from one sector to another to become specific styles with extensive features and finishes? We in Inalco are always […]

Outstanding designs

The end of year is the perfect opportunity to glance towards what we have seen and lived in the past 12 months and review it with perspective. In our case, […]

Life in Black & White

Simple, pure, basic… If there is a trend that emerges strongly in decor nowadays, that definitely is the Black & White. White and Black oppose each other and live together […]

Whiter than marble

Inalco has surpassed the last barrier for ceramic decoration with the development of innovative Blanco Plus+ colour, a new ultrawhite porcelain that provides a revolutionary chromatic purity, even beyond Nature´s […]

Shooting time

The world of photo cameras is a statement of the modern times. While some look to the future through technological innovation, others move slowly, with eyes on a quieter, warmer […]

Architecture of Samba and contrasts

If there’s one country that’s used to being in the eye of the hurricane recently, it’s Brazil. Since being declared as the organizer of the recent Football World Cup and […]

iTOPKer solutions. Textured designs for porcelain countertops.

ITOPKER. Textured designs for porcelain slab countertops Inalco has penetrated the countertop market in style with iTOPKer Solutions, its 150x300cm porcelain slabs. Thanks to their wide range of textures and […]