Brightness and harmony at home with Magma series

Today we talk about one of this kind of projects to fall in love with… A place where architecture and design come together in an ode to the brightness and the purity of shapes….We hope you enjoy it so much as we have done 🙂

Located in El Portil, Huelva (Spain) the project has been designed and carried out by Koan Estudio. We want to congratulate them for their wonderful work and to thank the cession of these great pictures which have made possible this post.

Architects and designers chose one of the latest additions to Inalco´s collection of stone-effect tiles –Magma series– to get one of the main important goals of this project: the great luminosity all over the house.
Large-format porcelain tiles (100×100 cm) and white decoration make it possible, creating opened spaces and making it bright and airy. In order to reach it, all materials and decorative elements in the house have been chosen in neutral and clear tones.
Added to the light and space feeling it is the creativity and originality of some pieces like the kitchen work surface. Its incredible design breaks the visual line and give a touch of vanguard design to the room.
Ceramics play an important role in the decoration. Besides to the floor, there is cladding series on one of the walls, on the table, on the kitchen work surface and also on the doors of the dining room’s furniture, giving a more harmonious and fitted end result.
The use of ceramic tiles not only on the floors and walls is one of the trendiest tendencies in decoration. Slimline porcelain tiles as Magma series make it possible due to its 5,7mm thickness and high quality finishes.
Many other details make this project very special and cared, such us hiding unattractive elements, as the toilet, which demonstrates an excellent study of the space and how to make the most out of it.
Material Distribution::
BAÑ&ARTE Gibraleón (Huelva, Spain)
Year: 2012
Location: El Portil (Huelva, Spain)
Project: Vivienda ACR
Architecture and design: Koan Estudio
Magma series 100x100SKF + 50x100SK
Colour: Moka