Bietigheim Pizzeria conveys the beauty of the Black Forest with Handcraft Series

The best projects convey a great style and modern design and also tell us a story. That´s the case of the project we share with you today: Bietigheim Pizzeria, designed by architect Pasquale Gentile, located in the italian town of Altamura, in which Inalco´s Handcraft Series has been used.

Bietigheim is a German town located in the Black Forest region where the owner of this business lived for several years. The Black Forest takes its name from the dense forest of tall spruce trees that grow in this area full of hills, forests, meadows, valleys, lakes, waterfalls and villages. It is one of Germany´s most beautiful and charming area.

This beauty is the main source of inspiration for this project, that not only uses the name of this village but seeks to transport us there.

For this reason, architect Pasquale Gentile used long vertical wood sheets, which were cut asymmetrically, to resemble the heterogeneity of the trunks of trees in the forest. They also separate the different dining spaces in a elegant minimalist way, while also giving an original touch to the decoration, even on the tables.

In addition, Inalco ´s Handcraft porcelain tile collection in a 100×100 cm format has been used as flooring. Its characteristic design is inspired by terracotta’s warm texture and the temperature of man’s handprint on its surface, taking us into the very essence of materials and the way in which they used to be worked in the past. Handcraft helps convey the feeling of nature in this modern restaurant.

We share today with you several pictures of this elegant project, that we are sure you will love.


Pizzeria Rosticeria Beitigheim

Location: Altamura (Italy)

Arquitect: Pasquale Gentile

Distributor: Edil Habitat

Contractor: Grupo Simone

Photographer: Marcelo Altamura

Floor tile: Handcraft Series by Inalco.


Bietigheim Pizzeria 10



Bietigheim Pizzeria 20


Bietigheim Pizzeria 30


Bietigheim Pizzeria 40


Bietigheim Pizzeria 50


Bietigheim Pizzeria 60


Bietigheim Pizzeria 70


Bietigheim Pizzeria 120


Bietigheim Pizzeria 130


Bietigheim Pizzeria 130


Bietigheim Pizzeria 150


Bietigheim Pizzeria 150


Bietigheim Pizzeria 170