Awesome Friday: Handcraft Deco in a “Smart Pub”

This week we are delighted to present you “The Smart Pub”, an awesome project designed by Yellow Office Architecture, in which our Handcraft Deco porcelain tile in large 100×100 cm format has an outstanding contribution.

The Smart Pub is a two storey building that combines a high quality food restaurant and event bar, located near Preajba lake in Craiova (Romania). The design is a contemporary eclectic-industrial style, and its main theme was to create a major “object and material contrast”. The 2 meters diameter chandelier is one main feature in the project, used as visual connection between both floors. Warm materials such as wood and recovered brick are highlighted by white metal and ceramics, with glossy elements also contrasting with rough natural wood floor. Retro light bulbs were used for creating a warm general atmosphere and perfectly fit with the furniture, that features classical design Thonet chairs and comfortable sofas, both with 2 finishes, textile and leather enclosed with brushed wood.

The overall industrial aesthetic is fully accomplished with the combination of these elements, and the hand-made appeal of our Handcraft Deco enhances this feeling. Handcraft Series is inspired by terracotta’s warm texture, the temperature of man’s handprint on its surface as a rudimentary means of creation, that takes us to the very essence of materials and the way in which they used to be worked in the past. Its Deco recaptures the beauty of encaustic cement floors, bringing them forward into the future with new innovative patterns.

We want to acknowledge Yellow Offices Architecture for its amazing creativity, that provides this warm space with a unique personality that we love. Thanks for sharing it with us, we really appreciate it!


Project Details:

Model: Handcraft Deco Natural 100×100 SK Rect

Project: The Smart Pub

Location: Craiova (Romania)

Architect: Mr. Vladimir Mindru

Company: Yellow Office Architecture (Bucharest – Romania)